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When you purchase with WellnessMats® or Smart Step Flooring®, know you are making a sustainable choice, good for the environment. Our Premium Standing Solutions™ are built to last, with no toxic materials and backed by our Comprehensive Warranty. However, if there comes a day when you feel your mat has esthetically run its course, we can recycle it for you and offer significant savings on a replacement.

At our factory in Sullivan, Missouri, we recycle all remnants, factory seconds and returns to contracted cement kilns. Cement production requires tremendous amounts of heat. The burning of energy rich polyurethane scraps contributes to the high temperatures needed for this process. Therefore, reducing the need to burn as many natural gases and resources. The residual ash is then used as a filler additive to the cement, giving your depleted mat a new purpose and resulting in zero waste. All while contributing to tomorrow’s infrastructures.

Follow the steps below to Recycle your exhausted mat and receive a coupon code for 30% off your new purchase*.

*30% off cannot be combined with any additional promotions or discounts. Shipping is calculated after discounts and promotions are applied.  Renewal item must be same size as Recycle Item. Recycle item must be shipped within 30 days receipt of the Renewal item.

Recycle & Renew Request Form

Recycle & Renew Request Form
  • Recycle & Renew Program is currently available for continental U.S. Customers only.

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    A rough estimate of when you purchased your mat.

  • If you are unsure of what you currently have , you can attach a photo below.

  • Renew Item must be same size as Recycle Item. Please specify WellnessMats or Smart Step

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